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Posted on August 18, 2011 by lizzie



Brief: permanent tsb wanted to advertise their latest Home and Contents Insurance offer, one of the best deals in the market; get 4 months FREE Home and Contents Insurance when you sign up with permanent tsb. They wanted to drive the number of Home Insurance quotes online and convince users they can get a great deal.

Target Audience:

  • Primary – Home Insurance switchers (non permanent tsb customers) Aged 30+
  • Secondary – Existing permanent tsb customers, who don’t have Home insurance with them


permanent tsb wanted to focus of this campaign to be all about value for money. We decided to really emphasise the actual number‘4’ to draw people’s attention to the 4 month’s free home insurance that you could get with this offer.

We used homely domestic situations to reveal a big ‘4’ in video display ads. In the first scenario, a man mowing the lawn reveals a big ‘4’ in the grass, and in the second, a young woman cutting a hedge, trims out the shape of a ‘4’. Slightly speeded up in after effects, these video ads were eye-catching and resonant with the young, home-owning target audience.

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