Making Waves

Posted on October 10, 2011 by lizzie

Many clients ask for a huge number of benefits to be squeezed into an ad, plus phone number, websites, multiple mentions of the brand etc, all turning the ad into more meaningless ‘wallpaper’.  And, because of the way media is bought, often ads are requested to be only 30 seconds, which can be very restrictive. But, clients are only partly to blame! Copywriters need to push back; to challenge the clients, show them what could be possible, get them excited about the possibilities of radio, and try and convince them to go with more exciting work.

And that’s where this workshop comes in. It’s a chance for writers to play with sound, to get inspired and bounce around ideas without being constricted by  limited expectations or a prohibitive brief. A chance to get excited about radio again and to  refill the tanks to return to work with renewed enthusiasm and energy.

Do come and join us for what promised to be a great day!

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by Lizzie Sherwood-Smith, Event Organiser