The copywriter formerly known as Lizzie Kinross….

Posted on April 28, 2011 by lizzie

is now known as Lizzie Sherwood-Smith!  Excellent brand-repositioning, I hope you’ll agree.

I’ve been a copywriter in Ireland since 2002, working my way around some of Dublin’s top agencies before starting at ICAN in 2004, Ireland’s leading digital agency.

Now I have over 8 years experience writing copy for digital advertising; from creating and mainting Facebook pages to writing banner ads and viral video campaigns.

I can dream up award-winning integrated campaigns, write engaging and concise copy, optimise it (for humans and spiders) and do anything in between.

I finished working at ICAN in December 2011, had a baby and moved to Jamaica, where I am now available for freelance work.

Read about my adventures in the Carribean at

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