Kinsale Shark Awards 2010 – Silver for Pizza Hut Delivery Campaign

Posted on September 20, 2011 by lizzie

Pizza Hut Delivery approached ICAN with the brief to get their delivery service top of mind during the World Cup 2010. So, to cheer up Irish footie fans about that “Handball Incident’, and to get people talking about Pizza Hut Delivery, ICAN created a tasty social media recipe for success.

Our campaign, ‘Get a free pizza for every goal scored against France’, won a Silver at the Kinsale Shark Awards – in the new category “Digital Fresh Thinking” for ‘Conversation Generation”. We certainly got people talking. And yelling for “PIZZA!” every time a goal was scored against the French.

The Facebook page we created attracted over 18,000 fans within 6 weeks. For each goal scored, a promotional code was released on the Facebook page, so fans could ring for a free pizza, or order one online.

The campaign generated loads of buzz online, in Facebook and on chat rooms, with mentions on Today FM, RTE News, The Irish Times, Independent, and internationally on the BBC, Le Figaro and the Guardian. It even provoked French Pizza Hut Delivery into creating a revenge campaign!

Over 2000 pizzas were given away during France’s short-lived World Cup debacle. While we can’t change the fact that we were robbed of possible World Cup glory, a few free pizzas certainly makes the truth easier to digest!

Congrats to the whole team involved in cooking up and delivering this delicious, satisfying and now award-winning idea. (And also to our brave client for going with it!)