Online Copywriting for SBTech

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Jamaican Gleaner Advertorial – Magna Rewards

Full copy here:

Magna Rewards has undertaken a massive digital revamp to bring the well-known 15-year-old reward scheme fully into the modern mobile arena.

Trevor Clarke, Managing Director of Magna Rewards, said, Magna is the largest rewards programme in Jamaica with over 250,000 members, 50 partners and 300 participating locations.

“Customers will love that they can now instantly redeem points, as soon as they earn them, either by using their card or through the new mobile app. No more waiting around for a cheque in the mail,” he said.

Both partners and customers will enjoy exclusive limited offers and promotional messaging on the mobile which is available on Android and Apple devices and will include contests to win bonus points, plus the ability to make instant peer-to-peer transfers to Magna points.

“It works as a closed-loop currency”, says Maya Johnston, Vice President, Retail Support for the Caribbean Region, Scotiabank. 

“Subscribers can choose to redeem points instantly, for example buying Digicel top-up, or they can save up points to use later against larger purchases within our network of merchants. And, if they pay using a Scotiabank Magna Mastercard®, they are awarded double points, allowing them to grow their balances twice as fast.”

Everyone loves to get a little something extra.

With Magna Rewards’ existing extensive Caribbean database, and the proliferation of smart phone ownership, this program looks set to become part and parcel of shopping in Jamaica.

Download the app and sign up today!


I wrote all the copy for the NewComLive website launched in 2016. 

My work included writing easily understandable descriptions of NewComLive’s various mobile content aggregation services and summarising their past promotions to bite-sized snippets for the site. 

Digicel Business Bermuda

I wrote the copy for the Digicel Business Bermuda site and helped create the site structure. This work was undertaken for Aileen Corrigan, now CEO at Trend Media.

My work included writing easily understandable, concise descriptions of the various business services on offer.

Tall Ships Quiz

Created as a Facebook application for the Enjoy Waterford Facebook page in celebration of the Tall Ships arriving in 2011.