Making Waves

Many clients ask for a huge number of benefits to be squeezed into an ad, plus phone number, websites, multiple mentions of the brand etc, all turning the ad into more meaningless ‘wallpaper’.  And, because of the way media is bought, often ads are requested to be only 30 seconds, which can be very restrictive. But, clients are only partly to blame! Copywriters need to push back; to challenge the clients, show them what could be possible, get them excited about the possibilities of radio, and try and convince them to go with more exciting work.

Facebook Places and Implications for Online Advertising

Facebook is rolling out its new Places feature to the Facebook for iPhone and Find out what the exciting implications of this are for online advertising.

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12 brave ICANners took to the waters, pier and streets of Dun Laoghaire on Sunday 31st July in the Focus Ireland Triathlon, raising €3,303 (our total so far!) to help people facing homelessness. A massive congratulations to all involved, particularly for getting up so early to get there (and for managing to stay out so late afterwards. True ICAN stamina.)

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ICAN brave the elements to help the homeless

Would you jump into the freezing sea, cycle up a storm or sprint about at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning to help homeless people? Well, luckily you don’t have to. Sponsor some brave ICANers to do it for you instead!

ICAN are putting forward 4 teams for the Focus Ireland Triathlon at Dun Laoghaire on Sunday 31st July. That’s 12 brave souls, nearly half the company, getting fit for a good cause. Sponsor a team (or all of us!) and help Focus Ireland keep providing services for people facing homelessness: from advocacy to low-cost meals and emergency accommodation.

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The copywriter formerly known as Lizzie Kinross….

is now known as Lizzie Sherwood-Smith!  Excellent brand-repositioning, I hope you’ll agree.

I’ve been a copywriter in Ireland since 2002, working my way around some of Dublin’s top agencies before starting at ICAN in 2004, Ireland’s leading digital agency.

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Worst attempt to carry home Best Agency Award

We were delighted to bring this home from the Digital Media Awards last Friday. So delighted in fact, the award nearly didn’t make it home at all.

Luckily for us, we take better care of our clients, which is of course why we had our hands on it in the first place.

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Lost engagement ring poster

Diamonds in the snow

Last week, I lost my engagement ring. I was only a few months bethrothed, bedecked with a gorgeous family heirloom. Was this already proof I was unworthy to marry my beloved? I didn’t know how I’d lost it; just one day it was gone. We’d had heavy snowfall in Dublin. I had a horrible feeling it had come off in the street. Have you ever looked for diamonds in the snow? It’s like hunting for a needle in the haystack, only much, much more painful. Read the amazing story of what happened next…

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‘Righter Writing’ – A Copywriters’ Workshop

This was a fantastic, full-day’s workshop for copywriters given by advertising guru Patrick Collister at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, November 2010. Lizzie Sherwood-Smith, Senior Copywriter at digital advertising agency ICAN, also spoke at the event, giving a short introduction to copywriting for Social Media.

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Bronze Bell at ICAD – Bulmers Pear Social Media

We are delighted to have won a bronze bell at ICAD for our Bulmers Pear Social Media campaign. We had lots of fun with our Facebook fans and now have over 10,000!

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