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Posted on August 18, 2011 by lizzie

Our Bulmers Pear Facebook page was all about promoting sampling events in pubs nationwide. We started fun conversations around the events and answered questions from fans. This strategy took the online community offline to a real event and then back online to engage with the brand again.


Pearify Your Face: For the next phase of our Facebook activity, we created a fun application called ‘Pearify Your Face’ where fans could upload their photo onto a pear for comic effect. Over 2,000 people did it and many fans used their pearified face as a profile pic.

Pear Factor: The second part of our engagement activity was our online talent competition ‘Pear Factor’, which gave fans a chance to show off their talents using pears! We used Facebook to drive entrants to our Pear Factor website and to broadcast the latest video, poem and photo entries.  Over 200 individual contestants entered and 5014 individual votes decided the lucky winners!

Results: More than 10,000 Bulmers Pear fans have signed up and numbers continue to grow! And, we picked up a nice bronze bell from ICAD for all our hard work.

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