Bronze Bell at ICAD – Bulmers Pear Social Media

Posted on April 16, 2010 by lizzie

We are delighted to have won a bronze bell at ICAD for our Bulmers Pear Social Media campaign. We had lots of fun with our Facebook fans and now have over 10,000!

We created a Facebook page for Bulmers pear and used the Events application to promote sampling nights. This was a first for an Irish alcohol brand, and worked well. People could see the events in their newsfeeds, and use the pages to invite their own friends. After each event, we uploaded the photos so fans could tag themselves “Embracing the Pear”.

Then there was the “Pearapist”. Ireland’s first ever interactive video invite where users could invite friends to a sampling night. Over 3000 were sent. There was a massive turn out to these events across the country.

ICAN dedicated 2-3 hours per week to manage the Facebook page. We delivered all kinds of pomaceous trivia to keep people interested between sampling activity.

Then we invited you to ‘Pearify your Face’. Thousands of fans did this (which appeared in their news feeds helping the idea to spread virally) and some even posted as their profile pic!

We  launched a wacky talent competition,“Pear Factor” where fans could win prizes and vote for poems, videos or photos on anything to do with pears.

It was fantastic to get some recognition from ICAD for all our hard work. Pratically the whole agency had been involved at some point in creating some seriously innovate Facebook fun!

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